About Balanced Choice

Balanced Choice is a hybrid health care financing proposal that: • Includes the choices found in preferred provider health care insurance • Provides the security and cost savings of a single payer system • Decreases overall health care costs by replacing the inefficient insurance industry • Lowers employers’ expenses and frees employers from responsibility for health care •

Good for consumers, providers and employers

A proposal to replace all health care financingsystems in the United States with one that: • Provides health care security for all• Offers real choice for both consumers and providers• Decreases overall health care costs• Reduces managed care• Frees employers from responsibility for health care• Lowers employers’ expenses Advantages for Consumers You Always Have Two

Why We Need the Balanced Choice Proposal

Health care reform has been stymied because proposals for financing health care have too many shortcomings. Single payer proposals offer the advantages of universal coverage and cost savings, but involve unacceptable price controls. Other proposals call for the aggressive use of managed care and an expensive, inefficient, and inequitable expansion of insurance coverage. The Balanced